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About Renovision Fund

Renovision Fund is a strategic partner and investor fund that supports ventures from start to finish.

We work with founders and companies in some of the highest growing global industries by providing critical funding opportunities and experienced financial advice. We look for partner organizations that are transformative and have the potential to become industry leaders. Through a deep understanding of market insights and consumer needs, we help ideas turn into success.

Renovision Fund


We partner with entrepreneurs that have reached an industry breakthrough or developed a unique product and need to take their concept to reality. We invest up to $1.5m in the seed stage.


After a business has reached a revenue of $1m and cultivated a solid consumer base, we step in to push growth to the next level of exposure and distribution. In early stages, we invest up to $5m.


Scaling an already successful business is no easy task. We invest in both our existing portfolio companies as well as other established businesses in follow-on rounds up to $30m.

Meet the Renovision Team

We are an energetic and collaborative team of startup and growth enthusiasts, passionate about game-changing ideas. We hail from diverse backgrounds in finance, marketing, tech, VC, strategy, and operations. The Renovision team works together with our partner companies and founders to build trusted, long-term relationships.

“At Renovision Fund, we provide entrepreneurs and their organizations with the capacities and resources to translate their vision into actuality.”

James P. Lowell, Renovision Fund CEO




We have more than 75 years of combined experience in supporting founders through growth and exits across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Renovision Fund


We help entrepreneurs tackle the multitude of challenges they face as founders of a successful company. Besides our expertise in corporate finance, M&A, and IPOs, our diverse abilities in tech, marketing, sales, talent, and sales lend themselves to an all-encompassing support system for budding ventures.

Our investments range from $1.5m to $30m during the Seed, Early, and Growth stages in companies that are capable of disrupting and dominating their market. We actively seek investments in cutting-edge technologies, game-changing products, innovative services, and out of the box ideas.

We support our portfolio companies throughout their growth process by sharing our global market knowledge and extensive network of industry experts, investor groups, and financial institutions. Our partner’s success is our success, and we continue to invest in later rounds as company performance improves and overall capital grows.


We partner with exceptional leaders pushing the boundaries of their industry. We help their teams to bring their product to market, scale their business, and reach their ambitious visions.

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